Connection Pools and number of connections Issue.....

Connection Pools and number of connections Issue.....

Post by tajeshwa » Sat, 09 Oct 2004 21:50:12


I have written a ASP.NET app that uses Sql server for authentication of
Now on SQL Server I have configured that at a time only 5 connections
be made to the Sql Server. If I open 5 instances of browser and connect
to database A
using conn string CA it works fine. All of my connect attempts are
serial not concurrent.
But as soon as I try to connect to database B using conn string CB it
fails giving general
network error in description. But if I try to again connect using conn
CA it all works fine and i am able to connect.

I am not able to understand why SQL server is behaving in this fashion.
What I understand is that
it used 5 connections for conn string CA and tried to increase number of
connections in connection pool to 5.
But when I try to use BC it is unable to create a new pool and fails to
make a connection!!!
But when I again try to connect to CA it gets a connection from
connection pool and connects.

Can anybody explain this implementation.