DTS on SQL 2000

DTS on SQL 2000

Post by Ralf Huels » Thu, 11 Dec 2003 07:39:24

Hi !

i have a little bit experience with SQL and with Access(vba).
on a Windows 2000 Server with SQL 2000 i was trying to use DTS rather than
somehow programming to solve my task.

To do:
a) several data sources (test CSV, text TAB, Access, SQL 2000, SQL 7) data
should be collected
b) from every source, there may be names in one column. the source-tables
have to be search one after another and new names have to be added to the
outpout tabel, as long as they don exist allready
c) at last, all sources will be searched for rows with a column containing
the names, and if found other columns(content/value) are addedd in the
output tabelle

a) no problem, all scources are collected in local tables, all with the same
a output-table of same structure is although in place and empty
b): here, i think, i got a problem that my brain just freezez.. i tried to
user the sql-querie-builder in the dts-taks to set up something like:
- add all "Name" in Table2 into "Name" in Table1, as long as they don
exisit there allready
for some strange reaso, i can join and set clauses like i want.. i never get
what i want.. i can choose beetween all and no "Name"
c) is there a way to do the following in DTS/Querri:
- if Table3."Name" = Table1."Name" and Table3."Ort" <> NULL (and
Tabelle.1"Ort" equal or not equal NULL) --> Ort intp Table 1 as update


Ralf Huelsmann

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