Better DTS Job Failure Notification

Better DTS Job Failure Notification

Post by S2l0Q2F » Fri, 16 Feb 2007 23:57:28


I've scheduled a DTS package via a job that I want to be sure squawks loudly
and distinctly enough so that my enterprise monitoring tool can properly
detect and notify.

I put a typo in one of the Active X scripts in my package, checked off
"Write to Windows application event log: when the job fails" in the
Notifications tab of the job then ran it.

The server's event log shows a Type=Warning from Source=SQLSERVERAGENT,
Category=Job Engine, Event=208. The description contains more information,
but in terms of the statistical elements of this log entry, am I able to
effect anything more specific? I'm new at this game, so maybe the answers
are obvious but I'd like to establish a better/more specific notification if
I can.

My DTS package contains lots of transformations, SQL execution statements
and and Active X steps, so I was hoping there'd be a way not to have to
establish a failure workflow step off of each one but if I must I will. I
just don't know what that step would take the form of and how to modularly
code something that can work for all of the steps.

I turned on the package "log to file" error log feature, but it seems to
update on success too, so I can't use the presence/absence/updating of this
file to trigger a notification of error (without reading content, but even if
I could, the logging appends to this file and I'd have to clear it out all
the time).

Any help/direction is appreciated.


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SQL Server 7.0 SP4


I guess most of are aware that ownership between creating
and executing a DTS package as opposed to scheduling the
same, are different especially when you create the DTS
package on a SQL Server that's not local.

I have a server to which I don't have physical or even
remote access to (PC Anywhere, VNC, etc). I've created a
DTS package on this server via my Enterprise Manager. I've
also been able to run this package successfully. The owner
of this package is picked up from my machine

When I schedule this package, I see that the owner is 'sa'
causing the job to fail.

Without actually being on the server either physically or
remotely, I was wondering if there's a way to have this
package scheduled to run as a job.

Your responses and suggestions are highly appreciated.

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