communication between activeX task and SQL task

communication between activeX task and SQL task

Post by Ramada » Sun, 18 Dec 2005 03:23:57

my dts has 2 task. the first is an ActiveX (vbScript). it scans a folder
looking for a file. the second task is a sql task, it runs a stored
procedure that does the bulk insert of the file found by the first task.
I need to make the first task communicating the fileName to the second task.
I think I need to use a global variable, but I am not sure if this such
global variable is the means of communication between these 2 types of
tasks - or if it only works for task other then these 2 I am using.
Could you please tell me how to make my first task communicate the file name
to my second?

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Overview of package:


I have a table (Export) that consists of 1 column ExportID. The
package grabs the first ID in the table into a global variable. It
uses this value to grab the data in a corresponding table and then
export that data to a flat file. After the export has successfully
completed, the ID stored in the global variable is deleted from the
Export table. The next step in the package looks at the Export table
to see if another ID is waiting to be exported. If it is, the
ExportID global variable is reset to the new ID in the Export table.

This is where I am at a stand still...I would like to be able to call
the first step in my package to start the whole loop again if there is
a value in the ExportID global variable. If there is no value in the
export table, I would like the package to just finish.

Is there a way to simply call the SQLTask1 so that the process is
started again?

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