Sequence of transforms?

Sequence of transforms?

Post by Michael Ke » Thu, 14 Jul 2005 05:06:29

I have built a package of 9 transformations in SS2K. I am doing a couple
of tasks up-front, naming variables, etc., and then I want the transforms
to fire afterward (once I've provided the filenames to each transform).

When I go to set up my workflows, I can set them up between my ActiveX task
and my Dynamic Properties task, and to one of the transformations; however
I apparently cannot control the sequence of the transformations. I get an
error when I try to connect two transformations: "Defining precedence
between the selected items is not valid".

Since the tables are related, I need the data to come in in a certain
order. I can't have all the transformations happening at the same time.

Am I doing something wrong, here? How can I specify workflows from
transform to transform?


Sequence of transforms?

Post by Bill Swart » Thu, 14 Jul 2005 06:55:02


Rather than connecting all your transformations to the same connections, why
don't you create copies of the connections for each transformation, then you
can chain them together with standard workflow.

sourceConn - Transform - Destconn
CopySourceConn1 - Transform2 - CopyDestConn1
CopySourceConn2 - Transform3 - CopyDestConn2



Sequence of transforms?

Post by Michael Ke » Thu, 14 Jul 2005 07:57:29

OK, I'm experimenting with that. I've broken down my transforms into
groups and given them their own connections; am trying to order THOSE. I
still cannot figure out how to chain them. I try to set a workflow from
my first transform to my second (group of) transforms, but I still get
the same error, as though you are not allowed to chain these types of

I suppose if I had to, I could simply run them individually from my
calling VB.Net program, but I'd much prefer to keep all this stuff inside
one package.

Any additional ideas?