Datapump Freeze

Datapump Freeze

Post by Radu Colce » Sat, 20 May 2006 15:04:10

dual xeon dualcore x64 2.8
8G Ram
SAN LUN Raid 10 FC
Win 2003 Srv 64
SQL 2005 EE
Developing on the server (Dev srv).

I have 2 packages ( actually more). From Package1 I call Package2. Package 2
has in the control flow :

SQL Task(make clean) -> Dataflow Task -> SQL Task(make something)

The Dataflow Task is quite big but the "flow" is not interrupted (SORT) as
datasources I have some RAW Files and destinations Some SQL2005 Tables (no
table lock).
The package is running fast and OK.

If I run the package alone everything is working good after changing the max
thread from 5 to 12.

If I run the package from the other package some strange things happend:
the dataflow is starting after the "make clean" and after approx 2.5M
records is freezing (4M in total). The next SQL package (make something) is
starting even the dataflow is not finished. The Dataflow is never finishing.
I must stop it manually.

Freezing: 0 disk activities, 0 CPU act, some tasks in the dataflow remains
yellow or white. The max records on the buffers is set to 10000(def.) and
buff size to (10M def.)
The package is not using more than 500-600M RAM.
There are no locking issues.

Anyone have some ideeas?

Thankx in advance,

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