Display Status of DTS on a label or status bar in a VB.Net Form

Display Status of DTS on a label or status bar in a VB.Net Form

Post by girishk » Sat, 26 Jun 2004 06:18:55

I am trying to use the code found from MS site
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 321525 : HOW TO: Use DTS Package
Events in Visual Basic .NET

As you can see this is a Windows Console Application and this works
very fine. But I am trying to create a Windows Application in which I
have Form where I will have to display the Status of DTS based on the
events. I tried to write the code using WithEvents, I am able to get
the message box to pop up when ever a new task starts, I am not able
to display these messages on a label or a text box or even to display
the progress in a status bar.

The problem I have is that the Form becomes White when the DTS is
running and cannot see anything, even at the end of the process
nothing gets displayed on the controls.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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>> bar.PerformStep ();

I noticed that there's a property for the bar stating what time
it should take for the animation to move the fill to the
requested spot. I'm guessing that's the time i should delay
my text updating by. Correct?

When you mentioned a delay - is there an other way to do
it than threads? I've found this solution.

else {
System.Threading.Thread.Sleep (1000);
status.Text = "Done."; }

The thing is that while it postpones the text update (good,
good) it also removes the animation of the bar. By other
words - the bar waits for a second, then skips to the new
position, instead of being "pumped-up".

Most of all, it would be nice to get a report from the bar
saying "yey, i'm done animating" and then proceede.
Too much?

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