DTS ActiveX task: a better editor

DTS ActiveX task: a better editor

Post by Allan Mitc » Fri, 02 Jul 2004 16:21:07

No. You cannot choose to use a different editor.


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task inside DTSs?

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I trying to write out comment records in 40 byte chunks from a much longer
field(see below) but I can't find any way of writing out the records inside
the loop. The code below works (and the loop is being executed) but nothing
turns up in the output. Does anyone have any thoughts?

' Visual Basic Transformation Script

' Copy each source column to the destination column
dim Comment
dim CommentOut
dim CommentSub

Function Main()

if DTSSource("OrderID") <> DTSGlobalVariables("OrderID") then
' Process Comments

Comment = DTSGlobalVariables("Comment")

Do While len(Comment) > 0
if len(Comment) > 40 then
CommentOut = left(Comment,40)
CommentSub = mid(Comment,41,len(Comment)-40)
Comment = CommentSub
CommentOut = Comment
comment = ""
end if

DTSDestination("OrderID") = DTSGlobalVariables("OrderID")
DTSDestination("LineNumber") = DTSGlobalVariables("LineNumber")
DTSDestination("Comment") = CommentOut

Main = DTSTransformStat_OK


' Store Comment from the record causing the control break
DTSGlobalVariables("OrderID") = DTSSource("OrderID")
DTSGlobalVariables("Comment") = DTSSource("PackingNote")

end if

Main = DTSTransformStat_OK

End Function

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