Export to Text File Fails from Server Box

Export to Text File Fails from Server Box

Post by VG9tVGFpdD » Sat, 09 Oct 2004 23:49:07

I have a package that successfully exports to a text file from my desktop
(where I originally developed it). I now want to run the package from the
box where the SQL Server happens to reside (in case that's relevant) and
cannot do it despite deleting the text object and rebuilding the
"connection-to-text file output". It is while rebuilding that "transform
data task", the black line between the db connection and export-text-file
connection, that the problem becomes evident. When I click on the
Destination tab, there is an execute button. From my desktop, after I click
on the execute button, I can go to the transformation tab and all of the
field have transmation lines/arrows going from the source side to the
destination side. After I click on the execution button on the SQL Server
box, I do not get the transformation lines/arrows. This is the case
regardless of deleting both connection objects and starting from scratch. Is
there some limitation concerning exporting to a text file from the box that
holds the SQL Server? What could be the limiting factor here? Any help
would be greatly appreciated.

Export to Text File Fails from Server Box

Post by ilon » Sat, 09 Oct 2004 23:57:59

It is ok to export from SQL Server box. Look in the file location for your
text file (Connection Properties/File Name) and make sure it points to the
correct directory that exists on the box that you run your DTS on.

Ilona Shulman
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Export to Text File Fails from Server Box

Post by VG9tVGFpdD » Sun, 10 Oct 2004 01:23:06

I should have specified in my question that in re-creating the text
connection, I did point in to a file local to the SQL Server. This is not the

Export to Text File Fails from Server Box

Post by Allan Mitc » Sun, 10 Oct 2004 19:32:56

DTS is a client side tool so.

The location of the text file has to be relevant to the place where you push
the button.

If you are on WKSTN1 and you pick up a package from SVR1 and press execute,
the package is executing on your box _NOT_ the server.

You should not have to change the package at all. You should also be using
UNC to specify the location of the text file.


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