For Allan; ETL Concepts

For Allan; ETL Concepts

Post by Sunn » Tue, 02 Mar 2004 15:43:53

Hi Allan
1)Is there any site which would explain the Process of
Extract Transform Load in a detailed manner?
2)Is ETL A part of datawarehousing ?if so how?
3)How well does DTS Support the concept of ETL is there
any documentation on DTS Support for ETL

Thanks in advance

For Allan; ETL Concepts

Post by Allan Mitc » Tue, 02 Mar 2004 16:17:28


1. Sites:

2. My answer to this is no. ETL is about Extracting information from a
place, Transforming/cleansing it or not and finally loading it to a place,
maybe the same place maybe a different one. A Data Warehouse doesn't need
to be involved although very very frequently is.

3. DTS is a good ETL tool. It does not, in this release, support
everything that other vendors support. I am not sure there are tenets to
ETL like Codds NFs unless you take the ETL to be the tenets..



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