BCP Command format

BCP Command format

Post by Jack » Wed, 13 Aug 2003 07:22:02

Hi, I am writing Stored procedures to give me an output
String then I could write the string to an output file. I
am using the BCP utility to write the string to an output
file. Any help would be greately appreciated.
Here is the script.

Declare @vSqlStr varchar(4000),@vTableCode varchar
(1000),@iReportId int

SET @iReportID= 1
SET @vTableCode='LTI_S'

set @vSqlStr= 'SELECT table_code from table_values WHERE
report_id ='+convert(varchar,@iReportId)+' and
table_Parameter.table_code ='+@vTableCode
print @vSqlStr
EXEC master..xp_cmdshell out "@vSqlStr", -


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2. bcp & trigger: got missiing data in bcp out files

I have a trigger 'trgTblUpdate' working on the table 'Tbl'. When the
table 'Tbl' got inserted/updated data, the tigger is fired and then we
use a batch file with bcp command to unload those new inserted/updated
data to another server. But in bcp out file, it didn't get all new
inserted/updated data, there are some missing data. I am not sure if I
explain it clearly. Could you help me out of this problem???? I am
stuggling for that these two days............Any help is appreciated.

1. code for trigger:

CREATE TABLE [TblUpdate] (
[id] [int] NOT NULL ,
[eventid] [int] NOT NULL ,
[sequenceid] [int] NOT NULL ,
[UpdatePass] [int] NULL
create trigger trgTblUpdate on Tbl For Insert,Update as
insert into TblUpdate(id,eventid,sequenceid) select ins.id,
ins.eventid,ins.sequenceid from inserted ins

2. bcp code in the Batch file:
isql -U <user> -P <pw> -S <server> -Q "update AA..TblUpdate set
UpdatePass=1 where UpdatePass is null"

bcp "select a.* from AA..Tbl a, AA..TblUpdate b where
a.eventid=b.eventid and a.sequenceid=b.sequenceid and b.eventid<>-1
and b.sequenceid<>-1 and b.updatepass=1" queryout 30sec-%TFN_NOW%.wrk -
U <user> -P <pw> -S <server> -f Tbl.fmt

isql -U <user> -P <pw> -S <server> -Q "delete from AA..TblUpdate where

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