SQL 2005 Full-Text Searching Greyed Out (Sharepoint)

SQL 2005 Full-Text Searching Greyed Out (Sharepoint)

Post by TmF0aGFuIF » Wed, 12 Dec 2007 10:15:01

Last week I migrated our WSS 2.0 (Sharepoint) database from SQL Server 2000
to a SQL Server 2005 Standard box. Everything went great, except that it
somehow broke Full-Text searching. Even in the properties, the "Full-Text
Searching" box is greyed out and I can't check it.

I ran a query that verified that full-text searching is enabled on the
database ("1", not NULL), though keep seeing references to some service
that's supposed to be running (msftesql.exe???)? I don't see any service in
Services that looks related to this, nor can I find a "msftesql.exe" file on
my hard drive...

Please help? Boss is angry that his searching isn't work!! heh

P.S. I'm a total SQL Server 'newbie', so go easy on me...