Cannot enable full-text search for WSS content database

Cannot enable full-text search for WSS content database

Post by haoshuang1 » Wed, 13 Dec 2006 08:09:56


We have a WSS content database that was migrated from staging to
production. The staging site has search enabled and full-text search
has been successfully enabled on the content database before migration.
However, after the migration to the production environment (we did a
backup of the staging content database and restored the production
content database with it), we find that search is not working in the
production site.

So we looked into the production content database, and saw a full-text
catalog with the name ix_STS_<ServerName>_1 and tried to repopulate it,
an error shows up that says full-text search is not enabled for this

So I went ahead and tried to enable the full-text search for this
content database by executing sp_fulltext_database 'enable', and this
is the error message that shows up:

Execution of a full-text operation failed. The process cannot access
the file because it is being used by another process.

I have no idea what file or process is causing the problem, so I went
ahead and disabled search in SharePoint through the central
administartion website, and has turned off the whole sharepoint site by
stopping IIS. However the same error message still shows up when try to
enable full-text search for that database.

I tried creating a dummy database on the same SQL server and was able
to enable full-text catalog for that database. So the full-text search
component should be installed correctly for the SQL server.

Any ideas?

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Yesterday someone pointed out that there were zero results coming back to
any query in WSS search. I decided to disable the search facility using
SharepointAdmin website. After about 5 minutes of waiting and watching the
SQL box go to 100% it finally came back stating that the search was now

The next step now was to re-enable full-text search. I ticked the box and
clicked OK, the wheels kept spinning for close to 20mins and then the error
came back on screen:

"Thread was being aborted."

None of the search boxes were available under any of the WSS sites.

I found an article in Trouble Shooting Other Issues in the WSS Admin Guid

I restarted services as described and then run the stored procs
exec proc_DisableFullTextSearch
exec proc_EnableFullTextSearch
Both finished with Warnings about ntext etc. I tried browsing to the WSS
site but still the search box was not available.

Any help greately appreciated.

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