SQL Server Fulltext resource & FTDATA location

SQL Server Fulltext resource & FTDATA location

Post by quackhandl » Tue, 05 Jun 2007 21:04:18


Win2003 Server SP1 (with Windows Cluster Services Installed)
SQL 2000 Ent SP4

I am trying to perform a data migration database that contains a
fulltext catalog on one table. The migration is from a single
standalone server to a 2 node active/passive cluster. By mistake the
catalog was built on the drive with the SQL installation eg - T:
\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\FTDATA\ However due to
space requirements, we want to put the catalog on a different (and
larger) drive Y:\FTDATA

1) Is the above possible as I have read BOL and it states that "Full
Text Catalogs must be created on a local hard drive associated with an
instance of Microsoft SQL Server"?

In the end I removed the catalog from T:\ drive and reset everything,
however now then I received the following error: The Full Text Catalog
'' is missing. Please use, etc, etc" I decided to tweak the registry
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Search\1.0\ (I did backup
first) to remove all traces of the catalog on the T:\ drive and point
any future catalogs to Y:\FTDATA however when I restarted the search
service, the SQL Server FullText Resource has now failed and refuses
to come back online. I have been here: http://www.yqcomputer.com/
but unfortunately no luck.

2) what do I have to do to get the resource back online?

3) Do I have to change the registry on both nodes?

4) Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone out there with any ideas?



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Hi All

I need advice on how to implement a solution for a customer who has an
Outlet in every state in Australia (7)

My application is a POS program for sales of products for a company which
sells newspapers

I am using SQL server 2005 express as the database

Should each location have its own SQl server database and update Head office
by polling OR

Should each location connect to the 1 Head office database via VPN, with a
failover to their local SQL server if the connection is down

I have been working on the polling method for a while, but find it very
difficult to get a satisfactory updating procedure to head Office,
especially regarding update conflicts and successful synchronising in

I am beginning to think the centralised database option to be most reliable

Can anybody point me to some sites with info on Best practices, or give me
suggestions from their experiences etc


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