Strange problem Starting/Stopping FTS

Strange problem Starting/Stopping FTS

Post by Strid » Wed, 30 Jul 2003 10:22:31

Ok, yet another strange FTS problem.

We're still running SQL 7.0 SP2 (can't upgrade yet) under Windows 2000.
We've had more than our share of FTS issues.

So the latest is, on our primary, I build a brand new catalog of our main
table. No problems.

4-5 days later, it finishes.

So then I started the incremental. Ran no problem. (before it appeared to
run, but then never updated the catalog. More on that in a moment.)

Stop the service. Perform a copy of the files to a backup location. (just
in case something happens.)

I restart the service. Next day I check and the incremental has run, but
there is no change in the catalog. (i.e. no new rows added).

Now that I think back, the last two times I rebuilt the catalog I probably
did the backup BEFORE I did my first incremental.

So it looks like somehow stopping and then restarting the MSSearch Service
"breaks" my ability to perform incrementals.

I've rebooted the server this morning and performed another incremental.
Again, no updates.

Errors in the errorlog include:

One or more warnings or errors for Gatherer project <SQLServer
SQL0000700005> logged to file

Unable to access crawl seed <MSSQL://LOCALHOST/7.194867811> in project
<SQLServer SQL0000700005>. Error: 8007042b - The process terminated
unexpectedly. .

(those both occurred about 1 hour after the incremental started)

Then several hours when it's done:

The description for Event ID ( 3047 ) in Source ( Microsoft Search ) cannot
be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information
or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. The
following information is part of the event: SQLServer SQL0000700005,
6575312, 0, 20, 866.

Detected 19 URLs that could not be reached or were denied access in project
<SQLServer SQL0000700005>.

The Gather log is:

d1f7a4bf 1c3550d 4000000f 0 0
578a229b 1c3550f 40000017 0 0
dba48911 1c35516 MSSQL://LOCALHOST/7.194867811 8000000c 0 8007042b
bf04d596 1c35529 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b60 8000000c 1
bf0e5eea 1c35529 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b5a 8000000c 1
bf0e5eea 1c35529 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b61 8000000c 1
bf10c13f 1c35529 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b65 8000000c 1
3cce1592 1c35538 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b66 8000000c 1
3cd53c91 1c35538 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b56 8000000c 1
3cda013b 1c35538 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b68 8000000c 1
3cda013b 1c35538 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b59 8000000c 1
3cdec5e5 1c35538 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b58 8000000c 1
3ce38a8f 1c35538 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b57 8000000c 1
3ce5ece4 1c35538 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b55 8000000c 1
3ce5ece4 1c35538 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b62 8000000c 1
3ce5ece4 1c35538 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b5d 8000000c 1
3ce84f39 1c35538 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b5c 8000000c 1
3ce84f39 1c35538 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b64 8000000c 1
3ce84f39 1c35538 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b63 8000000c 1
3ceab18e 1c35538 mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b5e 8000000c 1

Strange problem Starting/Stopping FTS

Post by Hilary Cot » Wed, 30 Jul 2003 20:49:51

reg, I tried to replicate your problem on my SQL 7 Sp4
machine and could not seem to do it.

Your gatherer log reflects all successes, run incidentedly
at 12:00 am? I'm not sure if this is correct. Any way to
post the log as an attachement or send it to me offline?

It's also unclear if the error message is relating to a
particular table which your are tyring to index or a row?

How many tables are you FTI'ing?

Windows 2000.
catalog of our main
(before it appeared to
a moment.)
backup location. (just
incremental has run, but
catalog I probably
MSSearch Service
another incremental.
<MSSQL://LOCALHOST/7.194867811> in project
Microsoft Search ) cannot
registry information
computer. The
access in project
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b60 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b5a 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b61 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b65 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b66 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b56 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b68 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b59 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b58 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b57 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b55 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b62 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b5d 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b5c 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b64 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b63 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b5e 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b5b 8000000c 1
mssql://localhost/7.194867811.896/004a6b67 8000000c 1
backups and continue


Strange problem Starting/Stopping FTS

Post by Strid » Wed, 30 Jul 2003 22:22:34

Well, I've never had this happen on my other SP2 machine either. ;-) So I'm
confused. :-)

Which log are you looking for? I can send it to you.

Beats me. ?:-)

Just one.

Strange problem Starting/Stopping FTS

Post by John Kan » Wed, 30 Jul 2003 23:29:15

Hi Greg,
I sent you a similar message back in Jan. 2003 on this same "Error:
8007042b - The process terminated unexpectedly".

"The process terminated unexpectedly" is actually ERROR_PROCESS_ABORTED,
which is returned when the async I/O does not complete in time. The default
is 20 seconds. This is desired for distributed crawls across the network,
where you don't want other systems hang the crawls, but on a local system
that may be busy with other things, it should be longer.

This *could* (but most likely not) be resolved by increasing the Microsoft
Search connect timeout parameter via:

use master
sp_fulltext_service 'connect_timeout', <value_in_seconds> -- default = 20

You can set this value to 120 (2 minutes) and while it did resolved this
error for some customers, however for others it did NOT resolve this error.
Is your server and"un-usually" busy server, i.e., multiple apps/services
running, heavy i/o, memory & CPU usage?

It's also possible that specific rows are causing this error and running a
dbcc checktable is always a good idea to confirm no corruption in your
FT-enable table structures.

If the above steps do NOT resolve this error, can you upgrade this server to
either SP3 or SP4 As this would be preferred.
However, I know that for FTS functionality reasons, you're unable to upgrade
past SP2 at this time on this server. SQL Server 7.0 is "problematic" for
these types of issues and you might want consider opening a support case
with MS PSS SQL Support for these issues, but remind them that you're unable
to upgrade and tell them why (give them the KB#).


Strange problem Starting/Stopping FTS

Post by Strid » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 02:07:23

Hmm, you probably did. At that time I think we were having yet a different
problem so I probably didn't think to look. ;-) Sorry.


I've gone to 60 seconds. Again, I tend to doubt this is it simply because
the full builds w/o problem and the first incremental went fine. ;-)

But it's worth a try.


This is the only thing running on this server.

No corruption in that DB. Like I would say, I'd expect that sort of problem
to show up in the original full population. It only appears to occur in the
incremental AFTER I cycle MSSEARCH.


I'm still trying to convince my programmers to move forward with the planned
code changes so I can move this to SQL 2000. It would make life so much
easier. ;-)

Thanks for your help.

Strange problem Starting/Stopping FTS

Post by Strid » Wed, 06 Aug 2003 11:13:59

Anyway, for various reasons I started another rebuild on the 30th, and on
Saturday had to reboot the box in the middle of the build...

And it finished the full population and performaned an incremental since.

Right now I'm just not touching the box. It's working. So that's good

Now, I just have to kick my developers so we can move to SQL 2000.

Strange problem Starting/Stopping FTS

Post by John Kan » Wed, 06 Aug 2003 12:29:33

Well, S... happens, and whatever works go with it!! ;-)
And who knows, if you wait long enough, you might even be able to upgrade to
Yukon <G>