Full Text Comparison....How Would You Do This?

Full Text Comparison....How Would You Do This?

Post by googlegrou » Wed, 02 Aug 2006 07:54:51

Not sure if this is the right group or not be I figured I would pose
the question here to see if I could generate some feedback.

Say I have a table (Employee) with one text column (Resume) that stores
your employees Resume and another table (EmployeeJobs) with one text
column (JobDescription) that contains a job description for job
opportunities within your company.

There is a one to many relations from Employee to EmployeeJobs.

How would you approach matching the Resume column to the JobDescription
to see which Job Description is the best match for an employee's

I have gone around with using full text but have come to the conclusion
that I may be spinning my wheels in that arena.

What I have finally come up with is keyword searching the Resume column
and JobDescription column and try to determine which best matches based
on a keyword set.

Any other ideas or approaches???

FYI..why am I doing this? My company is the midst of an acquisition
(rather large) and HR is trying to determine how to best fit an
individual to an opening.

Nuts???? I think so...

Full Text Comparison....How Would You Do This?

Post by Hilary Cot » Wed, 02 Aug 2006 20:58:43

That is exactly how to do it. Basically you must know the keywords in
advance, come up with a dictionary or bag of words and then issue a
full-text query against the resume or req columns to see what matches you
can find.

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Full Text Comparison....How Would You Do This?

Post by knightcons » Sat, 12 Aug 2006 08:22:37

i have the perfect tool for you. it's called Firefly. I designed it to
do full text searches on corporate filings but you could easily
customize it for this exact purpose. let me know how it goes.

Firefly Company Report Analyzer