Device activation error

Device activation error

Post by amlt » Wed, 25 Apr 2007 05:28:03


I'm attempting to upgrade from MSDE 1.0 to MSDE 2000. However, before
removing MSDE 1.0, a database apparently was not properly detached after
attempting to attach (using sp_attach_db not attach w/ single file) this very
database to MSDE 2000.

The following error is rec'd:

"Can not create file C:\Program Files....\MyData.LDF because it already
Could not open new database "MyData". CREATE DATABASE is aborted.
Device activation error. The physical file name "C:\MSSQL7\Data\MyData.LDF
may be incorrect."

Should I attempt to place the log file back to its old location, restore the
database and then detach or should I try to shrink the file and truncate the

Just want to know before I further *** things up.

any help is appreciated.

Device activation error

Post by Hari Prasa » Wed, 25 Apr 2007 13:40:27


If you have the latest backup then RESTORE the DATABASe using RESTORE
DATABASE WITH MOVE options..Try restoring using a new name and make sure
dataBase backup is good.



Device activation error

Post by amlt » Thu, 26 Apr 2007 05:38:07

Hi Hari,

Thanks for the response. I just have one more question. With the new
database name, does this mean that the existing database name can no longer
be used on this computer? Or, once the database is restored, I can detach the
database w/ the new database name and then attach the database w/ the old
name in the new location? Hopefully, this question isn't too silly.

your help is appreciated.