Fiscal Year and Last Fiscal Year comparisons

Fiscal Year and Last Fiscal Year comparisons

Post by tag » Wed, 23 Jul 2003 06:58:22

Here is the brief situation:

My data is at a yyyymm level by division. I want to be
able to display on a single report fiscal year to date
for which ever month is selected for that division. If
fiscal year is Sept - Aug and I wanted May 2003 data,
then I would want Sept 2002 - May 2003 data summed. But
if I selected Jan 2003 next time, I would want Sept 2002 -
Jan 2003 summed.

Div, Current Month, Same Month Last Year, Fiscal Year to
Date, and Fiscal Year to Date

I've accomplished Div, Current Month (current month is
the month selected, not necissarily the most current
month loaded), Same Month Last Year. What I can not
accomplish yet is summing fiscal year to date based upon
what month I select. It could be any month and the
metric has to be dynamic enough to realize what month I
want and then sum Sept through that month. Same thing
minus 1 year for last fiscal year to date.

Any ideas please???