Insert Performance Degradation

Insert Performance Degradation

Post by Ukc » Sat, 19 Feb 2005 01:39:09

I am working with SQL Server 7 on win2k server. There was a vb6 ado ODBC
application written accessing this SQL Server 7 db. Unfortunately, through a
series of workstation upgrades, the source code was lost.

Recently, the performance of table inserts degraded significantly. I am
trying figure out as to what is causing it.

I am guessing there is some sort of locking problem going on.

Is there a utility which allows you to trace ODBC activity?

If anyone knows of any other utility or method to diagnose the problem, I
would greatly appreciate help.

Thanks in advance

Insert Performance Degradation

Post by Sue Hoegem » Thu, 24 Feb 2005 07:09:52

If you think there is some locking, blocking going on then
you likely want to monitor this in SQL Server. You can start
by using the system stored procedures sp_lock, sp_who2 and
querying master..sysprocesses.
You may also want to take a look at the following article:
INF: How to Monitor SQL Server 7.0 Blocking


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