Missing SQL instance in ODBC DSN Setup

Missing SQL instance in ODBC DSN Setup

Post by Mark Nabor » Sat, 09 Oct 2004 05:44:46

Hello, I am having difficulty setting up an ODBC
connector to my SQL2000 server from a remote site.

I have a central site where I'm running SQL2000 with one
instance called Production. When I configure a client at
the central site to access the Production SQL instances
the server and instance name appears in the Server pull
down box on the "Create a New Data Source to SQL Server"
dialog box fine. When I attempt to setup the same
connection at my remote site I only see the SQL server
name (no instance). The remote site connects to the
central site through a VPN tunnel over the Internet and
all other Windows features (DSN, DHCP, WINS, File and
Print Services, Etc.) function fine.

I have upgraded MDAC to 2.8 and run the MDAC
Compatibility Checker and it reports no mismatches.

Any Ideas????

Mark Nabors