ODBC wire encryption

ODBC wire encryption

Post by Tony » Thu, 16 Sep 2004 14:11:08

Is there a method to enable an ODBC client to encrypt all communications
between the client and the server?

I have a client that is having a cow about data moving over the network via
an ODBC driver to DBMS server unencrypted.

I haven't seen or heard of an option like this before but thought I would

Our application communicates with SQL Server and Oracle 9i via the vendors
native ODBC drivers.


ODBC wire encryption

Post by Brannon Jo » Sat, 18 Sep 2004 05:37:44

ODBC is just an API. It's up to the individual drivers/DBMSes to perform
any encryption.

I'm not familiar with Oracle, but SQL Server supports encryption between
client and server.

If I remember correctly, there are two methods of encryption with SQL
Server. In one method, you install an SSL certificate on the server. This
enables encryption, and REQUIRES that all client connections to the server
use encryption. The other method involves installing a certificate on the
client. This allows single clients to use encryption, without requiring
encryption across-the-board, but has the downside that you can't require
encryption in situations that you WANT it.

My understanding is that the first method is MUCH easier to setup. There
are some gotchas though. If the server is configured with a certificate,
and there is something wrong with the certificate, then the server will fail
to start.

There should be plenty of documentation on this on the web.