Problem Updating Records?

Problem Updating Records?

Post by YWRuY » Sun, 22 Oct 2006 00:25:02

Hello and thanks for reading my question. I'm not sure if this is the
correct forum for this post so if not please let me know. :)

We have an application in our law office, which tracks/manages cases. It
has a SQL database with a MS Access, vb6 front end. Occasionally, when
trying to edit a record, it seems that the particular record has been locked
for editing.

The user will make the change to some field in the record, when they go to
save, the application kind of freezes up, gives the hour glass for a few
minutes, then gives the message:
"ODBC - update on linked table 'case table' failed. [Microsoft] [ODBC SQL
Server Driver] Timeout expired (#0)

It will only seem to be that particular record that can't be updated, other
records do not have the same problem. We can't update the record usually for
several days, but finally it seems that whatever was locking it stops.

I have been unable to find any way to fix the problem when it happens. As
you can imagine it can be inconvenient to be unable to update a record
related to law cases for a few days. It happens maybe once a month.

So has anyone seen anything simililar or know of anything I can check or do
to see what's causing the problem.

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Hi - (This is my very first post)
I have gotten to this point of registering to post because I have been
spinning my wheels so long, I believe I am all caught up in the weeds.
(and mud)

I have a form, that has several tabs. On one tab, I have a subform
(wr_completion_subform). This subform is bound to a table
On the subform, I have a button from which I have added code to email
a report of the completion data to our wr completion mailbox.
(wr=work request).
I also prefill many of the controls with information from the other

If the user clicks on any of the controls in the subform, the table is
However, if the user accepts all the prefilled info and clicks the
'email' button, a blank report generates (no record on table to

I saw a very similar post from 10/01 where the developer was advised
to use the me.dirty = false and the me.refresh. I have tried this and
other methods I have stumbled upon in the usenet group. Nothing seems
to work.

The table is bound to the subform, but I still added sql to check for
the record existance and if not there, SQL to insert else SQL to
update. I thought a manual insert or update would get around it - it
does not.

One clue: I read somewhere where the record selector will turn to a
pencil if it needs to be updated and will be an arrow if nothing to
update. I turned the record selector on in my subform and noticed it
was an arrow before submitting the report and a pencil after
submitting the report. (was not dirty until sometime AFTER the button
was clicked).

Please - If anyone has any wisdom, I would greatly appreciate it. I
need to be rolling out the product next week. (3/03/04)
Thank you in advance.

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