reduce trans log size; help needed

reduce trans log size; help needed

Post by NOSPA » Thu, 11 Dec 2003 06:20:27


I am hoping you can help me with the following problem; I need to process
the following steps every couple of hours in order to keep our Sql 2000
database a small as possible (the transaction log is 5x bigger than the db).

1.back-up the entire database
2.truncate the log
3.shrink the log
4.back-up once again.

As you may have determined, I am relatively new to managing a sql server
database and while I have found multiple articles online about the topics I
need to accomplish, I cannot find any actual examples that explain where I
input the coded used to accomplish the above-mentioned steps. I do
understand the theory behind the steps I just do not know how to accomplish

If you know of a well-documented tutorial (Aside from Books Online (F1)),
please point me in the right direction.