Pivot Table drill downs

Pivot Table drill downs

Post by TWFya0ZyYW » Sat, 06 Aug 2005 01:10:04

Hi all,

Does anyone have an example of a piece of VBA code which would allow for
drilling to the leaf level of a dimension than hiding the parent levels on
the row axis?

Thanks in advance.


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Is there a way to drill down on a cell of a pivot table and update or change
the underlying source data from the pivot report? I'm afraid that the users
will have too much trouble understanding the data in a matrix or table format.

The Pivot Table report is being used as a budget report and I would need the
user to be able to change or adjust some of the fields in the amount area.

The drill down displays the source rows in a new worksheet - that doesn't
solve the problem at all.

This one file will be access by several users separately to view their
specific budget, make changes, save the file and get out for the next user to
do the same.

Any ideas from the you brilliant wizards would save my job!

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