Profiler Question (Profiler Message)

Profiler Question (Profiler Message)

Post by Brian Mora » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 02:00:28

If you click the box that says 'server processes trace' (or something like
that...) I don't think you'll get the message. I'm not sure about that...
I'd like to know for sure myself so I'll see if I can dig up a firm answer
and will let you know if I do...

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im now learning how to monte carlo profiler..
Act, is there got any differences between monte carlo profiler and kernel
profiler ??

from my knowledge, to run the kernel profiler, i must first set up and then
build a run-time image that supports the kernel profiler. So, I need to
develop a new OAL for my monte carlo profiler?? Those source code i need
implement in which folder??

After build the runtime image, i need launch any tools to start the
profiler?? or when i build the image, it already done the profiling??

thanks for your help..

thanks thanks thanks..

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