Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0113'

Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0113'

Post by SnVzdGluIE » Sat, 13 Sep 2008 03:09:00

"Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0113'
Script timed out"

I am still getting this error, and I am not sure how I could fix this.

When I execute the query at SQL 2005, it only takes 8 seconds.
The stored procedure for this report has been already went through Database
Engine Tuning Advisor to put all the necessary indexes on the associated

It happens when I run this report on other new web server.

I already put this on the ASP web page for this report.

<% server.ScriptTimeout = 4000 %>

.ConnectionTimeout = 4800
.CommandTimeout = 4800

Any idea?

<% server.ScriptTimeout = 4000 %>

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2. Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0113' Script timed out

I am constantly getting the 'Script timed out' error, and would like to see
if there is any way I could modify the ASP page.

I think I did all I could to improved the performance at the database table
level, but when it comes to the ASP, the error occurs most of time.
This error happens when this ASP page has been moved to a new server.

I modified the "server.ScriptTimeout = " at the ASP and also at IIS.
The report does not retrieve the whole records, but it stops in the middle,
and giving this error message.

I am also curious whether .AbsolutePosition might be a factor? But on the
previous server, I had no problem.

Here is the part of ASP page where it retrieves a data.

strSQL = "spHWABPOOrderSelect_1 " & nAcctNum
Dim rsHBSBPOOrder : Set rsHWABPOOrder = New clsRecordSet
With rsHBSBPOOrder
.ConnectionString = ConnHBS
Dim nTmp
Do While Not .EOF
if .AbsolutePosition = 0 Then
nBPO1Val = Trim(.Fields("curBPOAsIs")&"")
If Len(nBPO1Val) <> 0 Then
nBPO1Val = FormatCurrency(nBPO1Val, 0)
End If
nTmp = nBPO1Val
dtBPO1 = Trim(.Fields("dtReceived")&"")
ElseIf .AbsolutePosition = 1 Then
nBPO2Val = Trim(.Fields("curBPOAsIs")&"")
If Len(nBPO2Val) = 0 Then
nBPO2Val = nTmp
nBPO2Val = FormatCurrency(nBPO2Val, 0)
End If
dtBPO2 = Trim(.Fields("dtReceived")&"")
End If
End With
Set rsHWABPOOrder = Nothing

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