Installing MS SQL 2005 express with MS SQL express 2005 Full stand

Installing MS SQL 2005 express with MS SQL express 2005 Full stand

Post by QmluamFnYW » Wed, 21 Jan 2009 03:44:07

Hi I recently finished my application using
Visual Basic 2005 Professional and MS SQL Server 2005 Standard.

However, I have a new project at hand that I haven't done before.

I need to write an application that is portable installed in laptops that
will not connect in the network. Basically, this application is only use
when the main program server fails due to disaster or what not. I work for a
medical group... the doctor needs to view the patient's medical records while
the network or remote server is down. My questions are the following:

1) Can I install Microsft SQL 2005 express with my Microsoft Server 2005
in my developer computer?

2) How can I update the embeded database once the custom application is
installed in laptop without using any network connection? Can the database
be embeded an automatically be updated using msi (Microsoft Installer).

3) Do I have to install the Microsoft SQL 2005 express to each target
I cannot use any networking connection because this application is for
disaster situation when network is down and should be stand alone. My boss
vision is to have this application with current data be installed to the
laptop with one click that any body can install without help from tech

I appreciate any feedback from the experts.


Business Analyst/Programmer Analyst