Upgrade from SQL 6.5 to SQL 2000

Upgrade from SQL 6.5 to SQL 2000

Post by Leo » Thu, 23 Sep 2004 23:45:06


I need to do an upgrade of an SQL 6.5 database to SQL
2000. These servers are on different machines. Ny question
(s) are:

1) If I run the Upgrade Wizard from the SQL2K will my SQL
6.5 db still be functioning? The reason for asking that is
because I want to doa test upgrade first before I do the
final upgrade, so users will still be working with the 6.5
version for a week or so after the test upgrade.

2) Can I detach the database on the SQL 6.5 and copy it
over to another machine with SQL 6.5 installed, attach it
there and mess around with that database rather than
directly with the production database?

3) What is the worst scenario if the upgrade Wizard fails?
Will it impact my SQL 6.5 database?

4) Any recommendations, best practises, step by step
articles? I would really appreciate any of that sort of



Upgrade from SQL 6.5 to SQL 2000

Post by TWlrZSBFcH » Fri, 24 Sep 2004 00:11:03


1. Yes, it only copies data, and does not touch SQL 6.5 data or structures.
2. SQL 6.5 does not support attaching and detaching. Backup and restore is
the only option.
3. No. see #1
4. Check Books Online for limitations.



Upgrade from SQL 6.5 to SQL 2000

Post by SGFyaSBQcm » Fri, 24 Sep 2004 01:47:02

Hi Leo,

Answers to your questions:-

1. Yes SQL 6.5 databases wil be safe. The upgrade wizard will keep all the
SQL 6.5
DAT file safe. So even after upgarde ur users can access the SQL 6.5 box.

2. You cant use detach and attach , as well as you can not backup and
restore the SQL 6.5 databases to SQL 2000. Only option to upgarde is UPGRADE
This is due to lots of system architecture changes.

3. Even if the upgrade fails you can use SQL 6.5 databases. But still i
recomemnd you to take the SQL 6.5 database backup including system databases.
As well as before upgrade stop sql 6.5 and copy all DAT files to a safe

4. Ypu could see books online for the detailed step by step procedures on
Upgrade as well as recomemndations.

See the topic "Preparing to Upgrade from SQL Server 6.5" in SQL 2000 books