RAID Setup (RAID 1 with RAID 10)

RAID Setup (RAID 1 with RAID 10)

Post by darkmo » Sat, 17 Jun 2006 09:25:38

Would a RAID 1 OS array & a separate RAID 10 array for the SQL database
files a valid setup? Or can this be improved?

Was thinking of making it more simplistic. One array for the OS, & a
faster DATA array for SQL.

Swap file would be located on RAID 1, will have 2GB of RAM in server.
SQL transation logs to be residing on RAID 10

RAID Setup (RAID 1 with RAID 10)

Post by D » Sat, 17 Jun 2006 19:29:43


A good recommendation (and I'd say it's the minimum...) is to have at
least three arrays. One for OS, one for datafiles and one for logfiles.
The swap file can be put on the OS array and so could the tempdb.
Depending on how much your tempdb is being used, you could also gain
some performance by putting this on it's own array(s). In many cases
though this might not be necessary (..but I'm sure a lot of people will
disagree on this...;-)...).
If you backup your databases to a disk on the server, it's also highly
recommended to have this on a separate array.

S *** Schler Persson
Databaseadministrator / Systemadministrator