Display the MeetingRequest in the Reading Pane???

Display the MeetingRequest in the Reading Pane???

Post by Jet » Wed, 20 Jul 2005 20:56:20

In Outlook2003, if I use a customized Appointment Form(with VBScript behind
it) to create a meeting and invite attendees, the attendees will receive a
MeetingRequest in their Inbox, but this MeetingRequest cannot be displayed
in the ReadingPane, it shows some Gray Screen, saying this item contains
some active content and cannot be displayed. So that the attendee has to
open this Item to Accept/Decline this meeting.

Can you guys have such experience? can the MeetingRequest be shown in the
Reading Pane just like a standard meeting request?


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We have a problem in our company.
Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2003 are used. New installation.

When someone is planning a meeting and invites several other collegeas
the meeting does not show in the calender (tentative or otherwise) of
the invitee untill the request has been read by the invitee.
The resource options is reserved for real resources like rooms.
In my previous company, outlook 2002 and exchange 5.5 where used and we
did not have that problem.
When you invited someone, the invitations was shown in the calender as
tentative after a short replication time.

Does someone has the same problem or does this work perfectly?

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