Event Store Sink (public folder) - "Error Opening Connection"

Event Store Sink (public folder) - "Error Opening Connection"

Post by Bret » Fri, 19 Aug 2005 00:18:53

Hello All. I'm trying to register an Event store sink (onsave), but
when doing so, here's what I get:

D:\Scripts\EventSinks>cscript D:\scripts\EventSinks\regevent.vbs Add
"OnSave" ExOleDB.ScriptEventSink.1
"file://./backofficestorage/ourdomaingoeshere/System Administrator
Folders/Virus Notifications/ePO Alerts/ePO WKS Virus
Alerts/WksVirusAlertModifier.vbs" -m deep -file
d:\scripts\EventSinks\WksVirusAlertModifier.vbs WHERE "DAV:ishidden" =
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.6
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1996-2001. All rights reserved.

Error Opening Connection : -2146105340

This is an Exchange 2003, On a Windows 2003 Server (Native Domain). I
have created the com+ exoledb object, and it works perfectly in our
test system. I'm registering this to a Mail-Enabled public folder.
The only obvious difference from out test system, is that this one is a
Clustered system.
Do I need to set up a Distributed Transaction Coordinator Clustered
Resource, or what could the problem be?

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I need to setup a rule on server level cos we have over
100 mailboxes such that any mails having the SUBJECT
LINE :*reports* be copied also to a mailbox
named "reports".

I have been adviced to create an event sink, which i
believe is very tedious. is there a way i can setup a rule
in OUTLOOK/EXCHANGE @ server level like some public folder
for this, rather than having to go to each user n setup
this rule on outlook.

please advice.

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