ex5.5 to ex2003 (and OWA)

ex5.5 to ex2003 (and OWA)

Post by Carlo » Sat, 21 Aug 2004 16:00:54

After migrating exchnage 5,5 that we had to exchange 2003, first which
I proved it was the OWA of ex2003 but it does not work to us.

The mail by means of a client (p.e outlook) if who works correctly.

I have followed all the passages of the assistant of migration at the
time of installing ex2k3.

In the step that that says we change the connection agreements to
connect with the new servant who executes ex2k3. The new servant
executes SRS (service of replication of sites).

In the instructions he says to me that I must select in the ADC a
public folder (that I do not have) or an agreement of adressee
connection but as? I have 2: 1. - users...: that connects ex5.5 to
me with AD (GC) 2, - config....: that connects ex2003 to me with AD
(GC) both bidirectional ones I must modify some of both or creating
one new one to me?

It says to me that in the card connections under info of the servant
of ex- it puts the name of new ex2003 and in port (I have watched with
netstat and that 379 port is not listening) some suggestion on the

The truth that I followed ahead with the installation... It
installed all good to us but at the time of proving the CONFIGDSINTEG
in the file e2kdsinteg.log registers east error to us:

DN = CN=NAISAdm, CN=miservidor, CN=Servers, CN=midominio,
CN=Administrative Groups, CN=CEBANC, CN=Microsoft Exchange,
CN=Services, CN=Configuration, DC=cebancdea, DC=edu object-class =
top$exchangeadminservice the Sysop does not contain a MDB of origin
(homeMdb) the Sysop does not contain a MTA of origin (homeMta)

Now the problem is that outlook works to us well with a client but the
OWA does not work.

I have watched in IIS and I see that the state of the virtual folder
Exchange (because http://servidor/exchange is acceded no) in status
it puts:

The system cannot find the path specified and in path puts this:

The same happens with the virtual directory Exadmin and public some

Thank you very much by the attention to this message. Thanks.

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In my environment the clients are running Outlook 2000 or 2002. The
current Exchange server is called "George" and there is a hosts file
on each workstation that points to this server. Because we are
running DHCP for workstation ip addresses, the hosts file should be
unneccessary, but that's the way things are at present.

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Exchange 2000 or 2003 on a server called "mailserver". To prepare for
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configuration and pointed this to the George server. I can tell that
the workstations are using this entry because I can ping mailserver
from any workstation. My hope was that I could change the server
designation in Outlook on my 35 workstations ahead of the server
migration. Once the migration was complete I would then simply change
the DNS entry in DHCP and all the clients would find the new

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