Exchange 2003 Event sink

Exchange 2003 Event sink

Post by Alex » Sat, 29 Jan 2005 02:19:53


I need to write an event sink to check new post to a public folder. I find
out the Exoledb and CDOEX are part of the server components and the OnSave
event pass me a Exoledb.IExStoreEventInfo reference. How do I write event
sink on a client PC without server components? I have completed the code
using MAPI on client, but that does not help me move to server side.

Thanks for your help.


Exchange 2003 Event sink

Post by Henning Kr » Sat, 29 Jan 2005 04:47:31


for the development phase, you can install the Exchange Managment tools on
your client. This will give you access to the necessary DLLs.

But for testing, you'll have to copy your event sink to the Exchange server.

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Exchange 2003 Event sink

Post by Mario Krop » Wed, 02 Feb 2005 00:16:39

What programming environment do you use? If you use .NET and write managed
sinks it is enough to set references to typelib of both dlls. Do not forget
that all com+ assemblies must have a strong name! So all referenced
assemblies must have a strong name too. Using <attribute> statements you are
able to configure the whole COM+ application and components so that it is
enough to register the assembly using regasm at server side.

I'd strongly recommened using .NET! I had a VB6 ActiveX dll sink running,
but was forced to migrate to a .NET com+ application because of performance
reasons. E.g. .NET assemblies support COM+ object pooling, VB dlls do not...


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