Exchange 5.5 Scripts migrated to Exchange 2003 SP1

Exchange 5.5 Scripts migrated to Exchange 2003 SP1

Post by D.F.Parke » Wed, 18 Aug 2004 19:38:23

While I realise that it is recommended to use event sinks in Exchange
2003 I have some legacy vbscript in Exchange 5.5 running as agents on
public folders that I would like to migrate to Exchange 2003 using the
"event" service. I have the event service running and have installed
my scripts on public folders as agents in Exchange 2003 SP1. However,
the events never fire (I have added in debugging code).

Has anyone managed to get the event service in Exchange 2003 SP1 to
fire events on public folders agents?

I have granted owner permissions as suggested and the event service
reports that it is monitoring my agents. Have changed diagnostics
logging for the event service but no errors/nothing happens to my

Dave Parker