Moving Mailboxes with MoveMailboxADSI_CDOEXM.vbs

Moving Mailboxes with MoveMailboxADSI_CDOEXM.vbs

Post by Shahir A. » Tue, 13 Sep 2005 23:00:03

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I am in the process of developing a mailbox move procedure for a client
utilizing the MoveMailboxADSI_CDOEXM.vbs script which comes with teh E2K3
SDK. I have been successful in using the script to migrate mailboxes from
Exchange 5.5 servers to Exchange 2003 servers that are in the same site.
However, the script does not seem to work when doing a cross-site migration
even though I am running Exchange 2003 SP1 on my Exchange 2003 boxes. The
cross-site migrations are successful using the GUI Wizard but not with the

Has anyone else out there run into this situation? Are cross-site
migrations supported by the MoveMailboxADSI_CDOEXM.vbs script?

Shahir Ahang

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Environment Summary: AD 2003 Native, Exchange 2003 Native, multiple servers
in several cities.

I'm moving all of the mailboxes on one server to another server in the same
organization. All of the mailboxes have moved successfully, but two of them
are still appearing in both the 'old' server and the 'new'; on the old
server, they appear to be orphaned mailboxes, but Exchange will not allow me
to Purge them or Reconnect them to new accounts - in both cases I get an
error that says that the mailboxes are already reconnected to an account, so
I can't really do anything to these mailboxes, and I need to get rid of them
so I can remove the server from the Exchange organization and decommission
it. Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can accomplish this? If I've
left out any details you need, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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