MS Exchange Server do not change reply message

MS Exchange Server do not change reply message

Post by dbobko » Sat, 18 Dec 2004 22:37:41


Can somebody help me.

In one of our clients offices we have a strange situation - on one of
the computers ( WinXP, Office 2003 Pro, uses MS Exchange Server) user
cannot properly reply or forward messages from our
software package. We are using extended MAPI API.

Reply ( or forwarded ) message, generated in Outlook and sent from
Outlook itself, is OK. but when it generated and sent from our program,
generated outgoing message stored in Outlook fine - having new header,
proper TO and FROM fields.
Hovewer, when this message sent and processed by Exchange Server it
comes to the recipient with original message header and sender.
Thus, in reply message recipient sees himself...

And this is very specific the only one of the computers ( users )

Can anybody say where to look? We could not find anything wrong in our
codes. And it doesn't matter if this message has been edited or not. We
suspect something wrong on this client Exchange settings but where to

Any help would be appreciated.