Stupid noob-type question

Stupid noob-type question

Post by Q2hyaXNTbW » Thu, 26 Oct 2006 09:26:01

Well, probably is to most ppl in here, but to me it currently seems just
about impossible!

Im building a calculator for a MMORPG that I play regularly, and one of the
biggest things that I am lacking is being able to retrieve peoples current
stats from the highscore page, and pulling them into a variable so I can do
many wonderful calculations on it!

Can anyone help? I know it can be done via VB (the main program that I use
to access the game has a similar function), but as to actually go about
retrieving the code, Im completely stumped!

For reference, Im using VB6.0, and am still pretty new to all of this! If
anyone needs to look at the kind of data I am wanting to retrieve, this is
the kind of thing I am faced with:

Chris Smith