WebControls, IE and Windows Forms

WebControls, IE and Windows Forms

Post by SmFtZXNCcm » Sun, 02 May 2004 05:01:05

I really need your help

In VB6, it was possible to create a dll that could be added to a web page (.asp) then called remotely from a browser (IE). In VB6, it was possible to use Forms (now called Windows Forms) that would open in the browser, and act just like an application running as a local .exe. Do you follow me

Is this still possible in VB.NET? It seems to be. I have created a WebControl that opens a Windows Form. I have placed this contral on a Web Form (an .aspx form). When I select "View In Broswer" within the IDE, the control acts as expected, the window opens, everthing's fine

Then, when I try to do the same thing using just IE, (that is, while not in the IDE) the window does not open, and I'm left with a blank page in IE

Has this capability (using Windows Forms in a WebControl) been taken out of VB.NET? Why does it work in the IDE but not in IE? And if the capability has been removed, then why is it even possible to add Windows Forms to a WebControl project