Database Projects Question

Database Projects Question

Post by V1N0b3JleU » Sun, 26 Sep 2004 10:29:04

Not Sure it this is the right group, if its not please direct me in the right

I am building a 3 Tiered Application That will manages some of my personal

What I was planning was Tier One The data tier would be MS Access
Tier Two would be the Data access Layer
and Tier Three would be the user interface layer Most Likely I am going to

My question is on the Data Access Layer

in projects of this natuer is it best to make a
database project where i just setup query's ect.
or is it best to create objects that will contain my info and collections
and at runtime load all of the data in to the collections and then
manipulate it that way. or is there a alternative that i have not mentioned?

Thanks For Any Help Provied


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