Help with Image Combo please

Help with Image Combo please

Post by Diarmui » Fri, 17 Jun 2005 00:37:39

I've been stuck trying to figure out the image combo for a few days.
I've tried two ways, neither of which work! I want the combo to show the
correct image for the text I have stored in the database in a field called

1) Bind the image combo to a data control
The combo displays the text fine, and the image is there when I select the
item. However, when I open the form again, there is no image, only the text.
So for example, I pick "Car". When I reopen the form, the Car image is only
in the dropdown list, the image in the non-dropped down combo is blank.
(Hope this is somewhat clear!)

2) Leave the image combo unbound, and select based on the value in a text
I have a text box, txtImage. I've tried
Set Me.comCatgImage.SelectedItem = Me.txtImage
Me.comCatgImage.SelectedItem.Key = Me.txtImage

Neither work. I'm cracking up here. Please help!