Jet 4.0 via ADO 2.6

Jet 4.0 via ADO 2.6

Post by JPM » Tue, 02 Sep 2003 23:56:47


I'm accessing .mdb files using the Jet 4.0 provider and ADO 2.6.

My connection object and recordset objects are set at the module level.

Once the .Index property is set I get an error when attempting to change the
index. The error text is something like, "You must release the handles to
all rows before performing this action."

Another scenario is where the module-level recordset is actually opened
within one event, with an index specified. Before that object is actually
used, another method is called, at which point the index property is
supposed to be reset. You can re-specify the index but then any methods
called result in an error indicating the recordset is closed.

What am I not aware of regarding using ADO with the Jet provider to work
with .mdb files? The previous practice with DAO seems to have allowed the
methods/practices described above.