datagrid & DataFormat

datagrid & DataFormat

Post by Torsten Ke » Wed, 01 Oct 2003 18:10:18


using datagrid and Dataformat seem to be complicated.
when i declare a stddataformat for example like this:
Private Sub datform1 (byval DataValue..)
with DataValue
if .value > 1000
.value = Format(.value = "###,0")
.targetobject.Width = 1000
end if
end sub

binding this to a datagrid leads to the problem, that .value is working,
what means every cell of the grid will be formatted as wanted, but there is
no possibility to get access to other items via .targetobject - this leads
to errors.

however: is it possible to format a single cell ao a datagrid (for example
to change the forecolor or font) or is this only possible for whole the

any ideas?