Exchange SMTP - Messages pending submission

Exchange SMTP - Messages pending submission

Post by serg » Sat, 13 Jan 2007 12:53:23


I posted this on the SBS newsgroups also since my
Exchange is on SBS 2003.

I started having email problems where even internal
emails don't get delivered unless I restart the SMTP

I am looking at the Exchange System Manager,
Servers, <ServerName>, Queues and I see
two high numbers:

DSN messages pending submission (Protocol SMTP)
Number of messages : 625

Messages pending submission (Protocol SMTP)
Number of messages : 5,211

What are these messages? Why they are not finishing?
What can I do to find out more info or fix this problem?

I see a lot of EventID 7010 in the log but I checked this
error is OK as it says that SMTP Relaying was blocked.
So I guess anti-relaying is configured and working fine, then
what could be the cause of 5,211 messages? And the number
is going up.

And under Protocols, SMTP, Default SMTP, Current Sessions,
is it normal i see some sessions and 1 session reaching 300
seconds of Connected Time? It is not my ISP so who is connecting for
this long? Is this a vulnerability/hole on my Exchange that is allowing
someone to be connected this long?

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you

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Incoming mail stuck in SMTP "Messages Pending Submission"
For some weeks now have SBS 2k3 Premium server that on reboot will get
incoming mail stuck in queue SMTP "Messages Pending Submission" It is
using Trend CSM for SMB. Server is fully patched to date including
Exchange 2003 sp1a and hotfix. This problem was present before the
Exchange sp1a. All recommended files are excluded on Server for Trend.
To free mail I try to stop SMTP mail service, which will not stop,
then shut down machine and reboot. This clears all mail and runs
faultlessly till next reboot, usually after Windows update patch
install. No unusual messages in log. This is the only way that I can
get e-mail flowing.
Trolling thro Google it seems to be an issue so I downloaded Trend
Support patch SMEX62-patch.exe. On trying to install error message as
"Wrong Product Version can only be installed if you are running
Scanmail for Microsoft Exchange 6.2 (build 1098)"

Checked our files all build 1075 so presumably we need patch to alter
the build to higher than 1098. Our Version of Scanmail for Exchange is
6.21 Build 1075.
Have been in touch with our Trend suppliers and given all above
details, but no response from them. Incidently I have a test server
on a separate domain installed as above and that also has the same
problem, and can only free mail off as above workaround.
Please can anyone advise of remedy or which patch to sort this issue?

thanks Percy

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