Message to Mike D Sutton and others

Message to Mike D Sutton and others

Post by Alastair M » Mon, 06 Jun 2005 22:52:43


If I were to use one of your excellent BAS modules or classes in a website
post or a commercial application what would the normal protocol for giving
you the credit for your code? Do I add your name to the About box of the
commercial application? Do you want notification of postings commercial uses

Thanks for your time and I may or may not do either, but I think it is
important that the original authors should get the credit in my work.

As an aside what should I do if I use a class of a user that I can't
determine the original creator. What should I do then?

Thanks for all your continuing support to the group.

Alastair MacFarlane

Message to Mike D Sutton and others

Post by Larry Serf » Mon, 06 Jun 2005 23:58:01

"Alastair MacFarlane" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote

I'll leave that for Mike as it was directed at him....

What can you do? Speaking from my own experience, when I create
something of significant value to claim credit to, I've added a copyright
notice at the top of the listing. That is not to keep anyone from copying
the material, it is there to plainly identify the author of the original work.
Those that want to give credit can do so....

The way I see it, if people have intellectual property that they do not
want to share, then they should not be posting it in public forums. So,
with that said, I consider all code posted in public forums, or on public
share sites, as freely available for use.

As far as displaying the notice of other's code in your own programs, I
would suggest such a notice should be easily available for viewing at the
same location where you display your own copyright notice. For an
example, take a look at the About box for Internet Explorer (Ver. 6)
or Outlook Express.



Message to Mike D Sutton and others

Post by Mike D Sut » Tue, 07 Jun 2005 06:24:32

> If I were to use one of your excellent BAS modules or classes in a website

Name, company or website if it's a reasonably core part of the application and you wish to attribute that functionality to me,
really I just like to know what people are doing with it and where it's used whether I get 'credit' for it or not. I'm sure I'm
guilty of 'borrowing' other peoples code in the past without giving due credit and I know that my code is used in many applications
without giving me credit, it's just the way software development and open source works. If I had a problem with any of that then I
wouldn't post so much source freely available online!
The only thing that I really care about is someone taking someone else's code (largely or completely unmodified), sticking their
name on it and publishing it as their own with no mention of the original author - That bugs me, whether it's my code or not..

If the author didn't bother to put their information in the original source file then personally I wouldn't worry too much about it
unless you know that the code was/is copyrighted or commercial in nature. If you're particularly worried about it then you could
try a Google search on some of the more unique variable/subroutine names and see if that turns anything up.

You're welcome, hopefully some of it's actually some use!


- Microsoft Visual Basic MVP -

Message to Mike D Sutton and others

Post by TC » Tue, 07 Jun 2005 16:09:02

I feel it is partly common sense.

I've seen absurd examples of people copyrighting a function comprising
4 or 5 simple lines of code that contain no special knowledge or
techniques of any kind.

That's like writing:

(c) For Loop copyright TC, 2005!
For n = 1 to 10
Call DoStuff(n)

and expecting people to retain that notice & give you creds whenever
they use a For loop in their code! Ain't gonna happen.

This is absolutely not a comment on Mike's excellent offerings. It's
just my 2c on some of the absurd copyright attempts that one sees on
the web.