Visual C++ v6 for a pure DOS program, possible?

Visual C++ v6 for a pure DOS program, possible?

Post by LongBo » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 05:50:07

Hello all,

Hopefully I get a contract job to re-create some software, but for old
hardware. The software will run on 286 to 468 class machines in a DOS 5 or 6
environment. I was just wondering if Visual Studio 98 ( Visual C++ v6 ) will
compile to this type of platform? I am thinking not, but I just want to check.
If VS 98 doesn't work, what would? The old C600? I would perfer to work in an
IDE environment ( I like Visual Studio to VS.NET and debugging is easier ).
Perhaps the old Borland C++ 5.0 tool set would be good?

The problem is are any of these tool sets still available? More importantly
can I get them for free? Thanks for any help.


Visual C++ v6 for a pure DOS program, possible?

Post by Walter Bri » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 15:26:24

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Visual C++ 1.52 is the last Microsoft version which supports 16 bit
programs. It is available as part of an MSDN subscription.
I think Borland C++ 5.02 is the latest supporting 16 bits.
Open Watcom 1.0 continues to support 16 bit environments.
I believe DJGPP gives 32 bits in DOS environments.
ebay is a good place to find the obsolete stuff.
Why should you want to get them without payment?
Why would anyone want to pay for work targeted at 286 machines?
Walter Briscoe


Visual C++ v6 for a pure DOS program, possible?

Post by Mathieu CA » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 15:36:44


May be you should give the DM compiler a try : 't tested it myself, but it can target
Windows 32 bits, Windows 16 bits, DOS 16 bits and DOS ... 32 bits as well !
Good standard C++ compliance (STLs available), etc... But you will find it
hard to integrate it into Visual Studio (Intel has done it for its compiler
through an Add-in), especially if you intended to debug 16 bits DOS
applications I think !...


easier ).