Replacement Brushes for Roomba庐 500 Series (6 Brushes Total) Item #82001

Replacement Brushes for Roomba庐 500 Series (6 Brushes Total) Item #82001

Post by Aguin » Sat, 23 May 2009 21:44:52

List Price:$59.99
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The replacement parts were of good quality. The packaging protected the parts effectively. I also appreciated replacement screws being included with the flat rotating brush.
They look like they are in great condition, but somehow we have yet to figure out how to get them re-installed. Everytime we run the roomba now it isn't picking up, but rather just sweeping the dirt around. Probably user error, but frustrating cause we love Rosie (from the Jetsons - our Roomba)
I gave this one two stars since they actually do save you 45 pennies in the end, but the MSRP on the iRobot site is 39.99 (+ $9.95 shipping), NOT 59.99. So, what they did was have the item with "free" super saver shipping, after raising the price $20, then giving a "discount" of $10.50, which means your actual savings is .125%, not "18%". Normally I'd save the $.45, but this was so sneaky, that I will be giving the manufacturer my business.
Set of replacement brushes for all iRobot Roomba 500 Series Vacuum Cleaning Robots. Pack includes: 2 bristle brushes with end caps and bearings 2 side brushes 2 flexible brushes


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