CIPAddressCtrl: focus handle

CIPAddressCtrl: focus handle

Post by mfc » Thu, 24 Jun 2010 22:06:56


is it possible with the CIPAddressCtrl class (ip address control) that
every ip-addr-field [ip-addr format: field1 (dot) field2 (dot) field3
(dot) field4] between the points will get the focus point by using the
tab-key on the keyboard? At the moment with the default settings only
the first ip-addr field will get the focus --> pressing the tab-key,
the next item (button e.g) will get the focus handle...

In my application, you have only the ability to enter a new ip-addr
with an encoder wheel or with a touchscreen. Therefore every field in
the ip-addr must be able to get the focus handle.

Or is it possible to get the same look using four edit controls and
four static text controls (for the dots)? With the same look, I mean,
that you will see only one field with three points and not four
separate edit fields with three points between them...

best regards

CIPAddressCtrl: focus handle

Post by Gora » Thu, 24 Jun 2010 22:28:48

I don't know what are limitations of your input devices, but pressing
SPACE or right arrow moves you one "IP field" to the right. Left arrow
moves you to the left. Is that not enough? Also, if you have a touch-
screen, you can touch any "IP field", which should give it focus,
wouldn't it?



CIPAddressCtrl: focus handle

Post by mfc » Thu, 24 Jun 2010 22:43:11

Using a normal keyboard, it is enough - but I`ve only one encoder
wheel. If I will use this wheel to move to each ip-field, I have to
send a specific message (which will be send from a normal keyboard
pressing the space) to this control... like using a on-screen
keyboard. Do you know how can I send such a message to this control?

Unfortunately at the moment I didn`t have the chance using a
touchscreen to test it. But if I can create an event handler if the
user touch any ip-field of the item - then I get everything I need to
modify the control.