NNTP News feeds help

NNTP News feeds help

Post by Um9nZXIgUG » Mon, 06 Nov 2006 23:47:01

I have set up a feed in exchange system mananger as news.eastlink.ca as that
is my isp's news server. and i set up up as peer pull, Then i added some


then i waited 30 mins and refreshed news groups and it shows the fiset 8000
news groups in alphabicla order from 0 to a

no matter how i filter things i cant get the HFX ones
in my outlook express it workes fine

it looks liek it adds then in order strating from a to z and it fills up at
the middle of A

all i want is the ones that start with Hfx.*

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Hello all,

There is program out there call "nntp//rss" that converts RSS/ATOM web
feeds into NNTP news feeds. My goal is to allow my Exchange users to
read a select group of RSS feeds without having to install extra
software or plug-ins.

When I setup the feed, as a pulling peer, Exchanges gets the list of
groups ok.. but it doesn't pull any of the actual messages.. Here is an
example of the chatter between the nntp//rss and Exchange server:

RSS> 200 nntp//rss v0.5-beta-1 news server ready
MSE> mode reader
RSS> 200 Hello, you can post
MSE> date
RSS> 500 command not recognized
MSE> newnews * 050701 234054 GMT
RSS> 230 list of new articles by message-id follows
RSS> .
MSE> quit
RSS> 205 closing connection - goodbye!

Anyone know what I can do?


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