OWA With multiple domain names on one server ?

OWA With multiple domain names on one server ?

Post by Andy » Sun, 08 Aug 2004 02:30:46

We have Exchange 2003 working fine and sending and receiving for three
domains :-


Each user can be mailed using username@companya OR username@companyb

The default E-mail address in AD is set to whichever domain is more
appropriate for that users job function etc and all outgoing mail shows that
default address.

All is fine except OWA.

Is it possible (and if so how/where) to allow users to log on to OWA with
their preferred (i.e) default e-mail address. OWA server only currently
accepts logins in the format username@companya with the associated password.
I would like to enable users to enter username@companyb as well/instead ?

If it makes a difference, we use the web form based login, showing the nice
OWA 'spalsh screen'.

Hope that makes sense - I've googled till I'm blue in the face and can't
find anything usefull.


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I have to research on below scenario.

Asia regional countries are in separate forests/single domains
Europe has forest and child domains. Europe is separate systems only
connected via WAN only.
Our proposal was make one forest under Europe as PAC and then we
will migrate regional counties under to APAC forest to appropriate
Europe proposed that instead of creating APAC migrate all the Asia
regional forest to one of Europe Domain.
As example, migrate all Asia user accounts to Germany domain under
Europe forest. for me putting every domain to one domain sounds messy
for me should operate by forest wise under main forest.

Can you please tell me what are the pros and cons of 2 proposals and
what most suitable or standard way is?

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