Ex2003/Ex5.5: Duplicate groups after ADC starts syncing...

Ex2003/Ex5.5: Duplicate groups after ADC starts syncing...

Post by TWFyYyBNaW » Fri, 24 Jun 2005 07:52:06

After going through the various wizards and setting up the CAs, everything
seemed to sync normally...

I had some security groups set up in AD that I was hoping would be synced up
with the distribution lists in Ex5.5 with the same name.

What has happened instead is that there were duplicate distribution groups
created in AD with a "-1" appended to the end of the Pre-Windows 2000 name.

What would be ideal, is to keep the security groups as they are and have
them mail-enabled and sync up with the Ex 5.5 groups of the same name.
Unfortunately, the security groups in AD have no exchange tabs in their
properties, and the new distribution groups from Ex5.5 appear to have a
different SID because when I tried deleting the security groups and changing
the distribution groups to security groups, the ACLs that used the previous
groups were broken.

Is there a way to repair this after the fact?